I am writing th…

I am writing this blog post because Kathryn Vercillo is hosting a book giveaway on her blog. The new book she has written is called “Crochet Saved my life.” It is all about how crocheting can be mentally and physically beneficial. I am very interested in this topic. She gave ideas on what you could write about in your blog post. The ideas were

  • Do a brief post about the book and simply say why you want to read it.
  • Do your own post about how crochet has helped you heal.
  • Share a powerful image on your blog that relates to crochet and healing.
  • Write an article about the healing benefits of crochet.

The easier ones for me would be 1,2, and even 4.

honestly who wants to get in there and talk about themselves. However, this is the one I have chosen.

I first learned to crochet about 6 years ago. This was the first time. The first time I ended up giving up. ( I blame the yarn I started with :P)  The second time was about four years ago. I have found over the years that crocheting has gone from something difficult I didn’t know how to do…. to something that I currently fill most of my free time with. Crocheting is relaxing and calming to me. The benefits of crochet in my life I believe are very obvious to others around me. 🙂

Kathryns blog can be found at


And information about her new book can be found at


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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about the book. Good luck!

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