Well it is a new year….at least according to a lot of calenders. So what does this mean to me? Well I have been chatting with a friend about what I wanted in the new year. Sadly the conversation ended with me saying that we would probably be wishing for the same things next year. 😛 I hope not.  This year I created more crochet projects than…well ever. it is quite scary actually. 🙂 And if I showed any of my non crochet friends the picture of most of the stuffed animals I finished this year they would go running far far away. 🙂 But I also finished my first ruffled knitted scarf. Yes I know that it is not real knitting. But it is as close as I was going to get right now. I currently own 8 more freshstitches animal crochet patterns. I only owned 7 prior to my lack of self control on a birthday sale today. I spent all day insisting I was not going to purchased because my goal was to stay under ten patterns that I owned, but had not completed for the new year. However, I justified my purchased at around 6pm by figuring that I still could purchase the pattern and be under ten patterns not done. 🙂 So Everton the horse is now mine 🙂 I also figure that I did pretty well with the fact that there are at least 5 more freshstitches patterns I would like to own.(we wont mentioned that all these patterns were in my cart prior to purchasing…just so I could see how much it would cost to get everything I own. Not at all because I was planning on buying all of them :P)  So what are the goals for this new year. Well hopefully to post more on here. Yes I said it. I need to put more time into documenting my crochet life and world. And my future knitting world. Yup I said it…in 2013 I will be knitting.  My year will for sure be filled with more yarn. That is a guarantee. And hopefully a job that I like to pay for that yarn. I am going to do my best to use this blog in the coming year to document  from the inside of my crochet world 🙂

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