First day of the year

alrighty so as stash and burn podcast plays in the background I am deciding on my first project of the year. I have recently been very into stash and burn podcast. It is a knitting podcast. And no I do not knit yet. However, there isnt much on t.v. I really like watching and I am tired of watching all my movies over and over again. So here I am…Also this podcast has been going on since 2007! So it gives me a ton to catch up on. And really it is all about just listening to someone talking about yarncraft anyway. Really doesnt matter what yarncraft it is. I have gone through a year of podcasts already. I dont remember when I started listening to this. It has been a few weeks. Maybe a month.

On a different subject what will the first project of the year be. I currently still have 8 freshstitches patterns to do and a knitted ruffled scarf that has already been started. It is between the sheep and the hippo. For some reason the sheep is calling to me. It has loop stitch, but it is something different from the same old shapes. Which I think is why it is calling to me. Loop stitch isnt exactly my favorite cause it still takes more longer than a normal single crochet. But I am getting use to it the more I have done it. Yup I think it will be the sheep for the first pattern of the year. Funny cause I purchased the horse yesterday, but am not feeling like starting that. Alright well I am good to start the sheep. More details as it comes. 🙂

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