Work in progress Wednesday

This is now the fifth day I haven’t left the house because of snow and cold. I am taking full advantage of it though and working on my knitting. I am struggling a little. I got a knitters beginning kit from Sam’s club and of course the yarn in it would be dark and wavy. The worse thing for new knitters or crocheting. I remember when I first learned to crochet. I wanted to make a baby blanket first. I had to start at least two times(that I can remember) before I finally got the hang of it. I started with a light color yarn purple but it was wavy. So far my knitting has been ripped out multiple times. I am trying to make this basic scarf from my beginners book. Yeah beginners. 😛 Anyway I am pretty sure it has multiple holes in it and yarn overs(no I do not know how to do a yarn over in knitting) Here it is!


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

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